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Tea and wine have a lot in common- their character is set by the soil and climate, in which they grow, the care of growers about their plants and also the processing of the product is very important and seals them with the final aroma and taste. Just like France has its Bordeaux, Italy has its Chianti, or New Zaeland has its Marlborough , so does Japan have its Shizuoka or India has its Darjeeling or Assam.

The ritual of preparation and drinking is also very important- from proper tea serving (true connoisseurs don’t go without gong fu tray) by way of selecting teas, correct water temperature, infusion time to serving and smelling. It is an experience similar to that of tasting excellent wines.

When designing our tea selection and serving utensils we cooperate with professionals and enthusiasts Mr and Mrs Ondrejickovi, who not only import straight from the producers, but also know fair well the expectations of the customers and so they aid us with composing for our clients a high quality and variable portfolio of natural teas for reasonable prices.

It is only natural that our tea selection is supplemented by quality porcelain and ceramics for serving various types of teas.