Vo Vinotéke Galéria nájdete vínka z vinárstiev:
Elesko Modra
Chowaniec & Krajčírovič Sv. Jur
Karpatská perla Šenkvice, vinárstvo roka 2012
Mrva & Stanko Trnava
Naturvin Domin & Kušický
Repa Winery Šenkvice
Terra Parna Suchá n. Parnou
Vinárstvo Blaho Zeleneč
Vinárstvo Sadloň Limbach, vinár roka 2011
Vinárstvo Skovajsa Pezinok
Vinidi Báb pri Nitre
Vinkor Vinosady
Vinkova Pezinok
Víno DIOUS Horné Orešany
Víno Fedor Malík & syn. Modra
Víno Rariga Modra
Vins Winery Vinosady
VVD Dvory nad Žitavou

Our offer comprises, in principle, of these three basic lines:

  1. Quality attribute wines mostly from the Small Carpathian wine region, and other wine regions such as Nitra, Southern Slovak, and Tokaj ones.
  2. Wines from important European regions and from the New World.
  3. Quality varietal draught wines.

Slovak wines are our priority. We try hard to gather the best wines especially from our home region- the curvy slopes of Small Carpathians, which mainly in between Pezinok and Modra resemble some areas of Toscany. We have tried various wines from many winemakers from the recent four vintages and the best, also with regards to the quality/price ratio, we put into the shelves of our shop and included in the numerous wine tastings, which we organize for our customers and also for foreign guests visiting Smolenice.

Foreign wines, as opposed to the local ones, still remain a challenge for us. During our travels abroad we have had the opportunity to taste excellent wines from well known and also from lesser known wine regions. We have become convinced that even though there is a galaxy of foreign wines in supermarkets, we have to represent them in our shop too. Those wines about which we are certain that they bring high quality for a reasonable price. To the question of why we should buy foreign wines, when we have excellent Slovak ones, we can respond that the quality can be only discovered if we can compare it with the best world samples.

It might appear that our third line is far from the first two but the opposite is the case. Imagine that you host a party for 40 people. In order to have enough wine you need to stock up at least 40 bottles, which cost somewhere between 250 and 400 Euro, depending on the choice. If you buy our draught wine you pay between 70 to 120 Euro. We also guarantee that the wines will be of excellent quality and the next morning there wont be any difficult waking up.

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